Thursday, September 12, 2013

Books 9 and 10

I think that 2013 has seen me write more than I have in any other year. So far this year I have

  • completed Ritual: The Elements of Murder,
  • written A Killer in the Family,
  • about complete Ritual: A Thousand Cuts,
  • I have written a dozen short stories,
  • started a new book on capital punishment,
  • and revisited and commenced editing a book on serial killers. 
In all that writing, I think I've written about one million words.  No wonder my poor fingers hurt :) 

By Christmas you will be able to purchase A Killer in the Family and Ritual: The Elements of Murder, they are my ninth and tenth books respectively.  I never thought I would make it there. When I commenced writing my first book, I thought I might end up writing a second book one day. Yet, here I am, ten years later, book 9 and 10 are done and at the publishers, I am about to complete book 11, book 12 is ready for a dramatic edit, book 13 is already in the pipeline and I am planning a trip to London to help me with book 14. 

I guess with all that work still to do, I should really get off my blog and back into writing. 

Thanks for reading!


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