Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Serial Killers - Have they lost their Fame?

I have been researching serial killers for twenty years. I have spoken to some of the most heinous humans across the world. There was a time when serial murder was a main focus of pop culture.  With killers such as Dahmer, Gacy and Bundy taking up news space, many people could not get enough of hearing the gruesome details of murder. Yet I am finding that slowly, the interest has waned. Yes there are prime television shows such as Dexter and The Following that still propagate the serial killer genre, but killers themselves have fallen from the news.

Serial killers are being recognised and/or caught often, yet the interest in such cases is no longer there. Recently the next big thing in crime circles has been the locked away woman, taken as children by their fathers or strangers they were hidden from the world and raped for decades.

Serial murder is not what it once was. Of course this is a good thing, but one has to wonder about what else is happening out there when a multiple murderer no longer shocks.

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