Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jayant Patel - A Man Freed or A Man Gone?

What is it with judges? Do they not have any idea about the real world?

It has taken authorities several years to bring suspected killer Jayant back to the Australia to prosecute him for crimes committed here against patients under his care. It has probably cost tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars to finance the search and capture of the now infamous fugitive, after he fled the country the first time.

Finally, we watch news footage of him arriving back in the country and what does the first judge do?

Release him back into society, and how long will it take him to flee the country this time? No doubt he has probably already fled, heading to some backwater country that has no extradition treaty with Australia.

I ask you, who in their right mind, would grant a suspected killer and proven flight risk bail?

I am flabbergasted by it all. The police and investigators do everything they can and then judges go and screw with everyone's plans. It is nonsense.

I shall continue to scratch my head over this one.

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