Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another milestone reached

Well, I just hit 60,000 words in my first foray into fiction.

Today, alone, I have typed more than 5,000 words. That is the most that I have done in one day while writing this book. It has been an amazing day. On top of attending a birthday party for my 85 year old grandmother, I've played with the kids and read them books, I also cooked more than 7 dozen mini quiches for the party and a baked dinner for us.

What a day. I am so close to finishing the book that I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is within reach. Of course what I have written today will probably be rewritten, redrafted and possibly even deleted. But I am there. The rest is just in the details. I am on the home stretch on the book.

Of course while writing the last 10,000 words (which has taken me three weeks), I did hit a wall. I got to 50250 words and stopped. Nothing came. No writing, no inspiration. Just nothing for two weeks. But then the past few days it all started up again and has flowed freely ever since.

The good thing was that though this book stalled, ever so slightly, I was inspired with scenes from the next two books and so was about to get about 5000 words down on both of those.

I have learnt while writing this book, that even if I come up with a scene that is completely disjointed from the storyline, I write it down. I have a document of "other bits", scenes that come to me, little passages and paragraphs that sound great. I have kept them all, even if I never end up using them.

Well I am still writing, so I should get back to it.

Thanks for reading....


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