Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Fights Worth Fighting

A Politician abuses wait staff at a Club and the country is up in arms over it. "Iguanagate" as it is called has been steady front page news for the past two weeks. Massive editorial space has been dedicated to the 'scandal'. The PM even commented on it, saying he was sending his MP to anger management courses.

That's all fine and dandy as I now read the Fed's are being called in to investigate, but how about using some of this energy to fight a real fight? How about the defenceless children who are being abused as I write this? Why are the State and Federal Parliaments spending all of this time and energy to complain about who wrote what, and who said what in a drunken night out by a group of office workers, when we still have children living in appalling conditions?

As I said in a previous post, why not try and fight the fights worth fighting? Rather than the ones that can be won. I would feel far better knowing that something was being done to combat the rising rates of child abuse. I feel helpless being one person with a voice, knowing what is happening to children in my own country, like the boy on the weekend, being set upon by his own dogs at his father's initiation or the eighteen-month-old twin babies who starved to death.

Again I must ask the simplistic view of why people are allowed to breed. Look at today's news of two mothers living in the one tiny house in squalor, with 19 children between them (no doubt there are multiple fathers) who have been charged with starving their children, many have been rushed to Hospital. Granted, someone decided to call in the authorities on this case, but with 19 children, how long were they able to continue living like this before someone acted? According to the report, people had been complaining about the welfare of the children for two years before anyone acted. Two years to act on a complaint about children being starved, 2 minutes to act on a complaint of a politician abusing wait staff at a restaurant? Methinks 'something is rotten in the state of Denmark.'

We all need to fight this fight. It is a fight worth winning.

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