Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The rumblings before the storm - once your book is released... what happens next?

As an author, I obviously enjoy writing. Granted it is extremely lonely.  No-one else is on the journey with you except for your characters, or as in the book I am about to release, the ghosts of those I am writing about. But once that is all finished, once you have signed the final release, then the journey takes on a very different mood.

Earlier this week, I received the email from my publicist, Lucia. I have worked with her on the past three books I released. She is incredible and I enjoy working with her. Yet the email from her signals the next part of the writing journey - the publicity tour. Gone is the pyjamas-clad slob of an author who sits in her darkened room with copious amounts of coffee and wine (depending on the time of the day), madly bashing away at the keyboard. In her place is someone primed and polished, all smiles for the camera ready to be charming and witty on the publicity trail.

Even after 17 books, I forget that this part comes with the book's release. As I said at the beginning, I love to write, I write because it is part of my essence, but the publicity trail always makes me tremble with dread. I worry about the curve ball questions, the interviewer who has no interest in my book and so fumbles over questions, or worse those who love true crime just a little too much.

Over the years I have learnt to manage the publicity tour a little better. I have done many live to air radio and television interviews as well as pre-recorded segments and newspaper articles. I used to be so sick with terror and nerves, I liked the comfort of my writing room, not the bright lights of the television studio but I have learned that they come hand in hand if your work is good enough.  I know it's an absolute honour to be involved in such segments. Very few authors get to experience what I've been lucky to have experienced and so I now know to enjoy myself and have as much fun as I can - when talking about executions, murder and serial killers.

So, I wait with bated breath to see what Lucia has in store when Rope: A History of the Hanged is released in June, 2016. So far I have a few speaking engagements as well as a newspaper article to come but I know that over the next few months there will be radio and newspaper interviews and if I am very lucky a few more television spots.

Wish me luck!


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