Monday, March 30, 2009

One Upmanship in the World of Predators

The world reeled in shock and revulsion when the news of Elizabeth Fritzl and her monstrous father hit the media several months ago. Shock were we to learn of the woman's life in the basement jail she shared with three of the children she spawned.

Yet as the ink dries on the court order that Josef Fritzl spend the rest of his too short life behind bars, it appears that the media is trying to find the next, worst, longer incarcerated victim of incest and depravity.

Today, is no different. In Colombia a man has been accused of raping his adopted daughter, and father her eleven children (Elizabeth Fritzl only gave birth to seven). The man is pleading not guilty to the charges of incest on the basis that the girl, now 35, is not biologically his daughter. A small recompense for the brutality he made the girl suffer for the past twenty-odd years.

This story comes on the coattails of yesterday's news of another man in Italy this time, who imprisoned and raped his daughter, fathering several children. This heinous creature also encouraged his son to do the same to his sister, as well as his own daughters.

The first question that comes to mind, is what is the world coming to when the media is trying to find the next Fritzl case? And two in two days, is far more concerning than one would ever like to imagine.

How many more Elizabeth Fritzls are out there now, hoping and preying that they too will one day see the light of day? The thought is frightening, but unfortunately, no doubt, there are more, some may never be found.

My prayers go out to those victims who have been rescued, their life of hell is finally over, and now comes the time for healing those deep scars. For those who may still be hidden away (sometimes in plain sight), I will continue to hope that they too will one day be free.

Anyone who requires help, please call your local police. Do something, say something.

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