Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Welcome Back, it's been a while

Sorry for my absence, I have been madly completing my two latest true crime books.

I am pleased to announce that Innocence Lost: A Nation's Deadly History and Predators has been picked up by New Holland Publishers.

Innocence Lost will be released in May, with Predators to follow in July.

Innocence Lost is a tome of Australian crime, from the early colonial times to the most recent cases. They are the crimes that helped shaped the country, and made us look at each other as we wondered who we were. Born on the backs of convicts, have we really moved far from our ancestors? The book questions this.

Predators, I have written with one of Australia's most distinguished criminologists, Dr Paul Wilson. The book examines the predators who rape and murder children. Cases highlighted in the book stretch across the globe, showing that no continent is immune to the most heinous of crimes, child sexual murder.

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